Amazing Labels Customers Will Soon Benefit From Revolutionary New Label Printer

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Amazing Labels customers can expect higher quality labels and faster turnaround times after the company receives a new state-of-the-art label printer in April.

The company, which bought the Durst Tau RSC 340 E LED last year, expects the new printer to be up and running by May.

It will be the only printer of this type in New Zealand, which Amazing Labels General Manager Greg Daniel says gives the company an edge over its competitors.

“Our customers will benefit from the massive increase in colours available on this new printer. Currently, we use a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) machine which can access 70% of the Pantone chart.

“The Durst printer will have CYMK plus white, orange and green, meaning that we can print colours from 95% of the Pantone chart.

“Not only does this give us the ability to cover more colours, the results will be far more vivid and vibrant. Essentially, our customers will get better quality labels.”

Another advantage of the Durst printer is a significant increase in the time it takes to complete a print run.

“Our existing label printer is able to print at speeds of up to 21 metres per minute, but often it’s much slower at around 13 metres per minute.

“The new printer runs at 52 metres per minute, which means we’ll be able to complete jobs more quickly and get customers their labels faster.”

As well as improved colours and faster turnaround times, the new printer is also kinder to the environment.

Greg Daniel says on their existing printer, they have to run 15-30 metres of material through it before starting a print run, just to warm it up.

“The Durst printer has the ability to pre-wind the material we’re printing on, so instead of throwing material away, we could potentially be saving at least 15 metres of material per job.”

The printer utilises state-of-the-art technology to improve productivity and make the job easier for the people operating it.
One of these features is called Hawkeye, a little camera that looks at what’s coming off the printer during a job. It detects any changes and identifies nozzles that might not be functioning correctly.

When this happens, it automatically regulates where the other nozzles will be putting ink down, so all colour consistency is maintained. This ensures the labels are consistent from start to finish.

Greg Daniel says the company intends to move all of its customers’ jobs over to the Durst machine.

“We’re very excited about finally seeing this printer arrive and get it up and running. Our customers should be very happy with the results.”

It is the third new printer the company has invested in recently, including an LED label press, the first of its kind in Australia, and a top-of-the-line offset press. Label printing of this quality and efficiency is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service.