Achieving a Subtle Sophistication with Frosted Candle Labels

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As candle manufacturers, you understand the importance of attracting customers with eye-catching labels.

The label is the first thing a consumer will see, and it can make or break their decision to purchase your product. In today’s market, where there is a demand for unique and innovative designs, standing out is crucial.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how Amazing Labels achieved a frosted look for one of their label clients and provide tips on how you can achieve a similar effect for yours.

The Brief

The client wanted to achieve a frosted look for their candle label, which was quite different from traditional labels.

Because frosted laminates aren’t available, they had to really think about how to achieve this look.

The Solution

The team at Amazing Labels used a rough laminate and printed a little bit of black on it to create a transparent but frosted effect. It wasn’t easy – they had to try different techniques and laminates to see what would give them the desired result.

After testing multiple samples, they found that a rough laminate combined with a touch of black could create the frosted look they wanted.

The Result

The end result was a label with a subtle sophistication that really stands out.

Designing A Candle Label

In terms of label trends for candles, black and white seem to be the most popular colour, as they don’t distract from the candle itself. However, there are many ways to make your candle labels stand out, depending on your brand’s aesthetic. Talk to a label designer to make sure you have all your options.

When creating candle labels, it’s important to consider the material and the ink used. The material must be heat-resistant so it won’t deform or melt when exposed to heat from the candle. At Amazing Labels, they ensure that all their labels undergo a testing process to make sure they can withstand the conditions they will be subjected to.

In conclusion, frosted labels provide a subtle yet elegant look. Finding the right technique and material to achieve this look can be challenging, but with the help of professionals such as the team at Amazing Labels, you can create a unique label that stands out from the competition. A great looking label sells, so never underestimate the importance of getting it right. The team at Amazing Labels are here to help you do exactly that.