Amazing Labels gets to the Core of Label Printing – Literally!

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NZ based label printing company Amazing Labels has built its business model on being primed for speed, service and savings. They position themselves as prime label specialists.

As a result, they are constantly looking for ways to speed up their service delivery. Their latest investment is a semi-automated core cutter. So how does an automatic core cutter help achieve this?

Core cutters are machines designed to cut the cores for digital printing jobs in order to save time on production costs. Cutting by hand can take days, and ordering the exact size core also takes time—time that business owners don’t have when they want to get their products to market quickly.

Juice bottles with custom beverage labels

With semi-automated core cutting technology, all you need to do is program the precise size you need and it will automatically load the core and cut it, without any waste. Because it’s machine cut, the quality is exceptional.

Jobs can be changed in just a few minutes. It’s a perfect solution for label jobs that are a more unusual size. There is even an option for ½-inch cores.

Core Cutters provide high-precision feeding and cutting of cardboard cores of exact lengths and sizes at high speeds. Within minutes hundreds of cores are cut.

With a semi automated core cutting machine on your print job, you can rest assured knowing that your cores will be precisely cut every single time so that you don’t waste any precious production time or money.